Why Choose Suspended Ceiling Insulation?

Suspended Ceiling

If you want to learn more about suspended ceiling insulation, you’re in the right place.

Why We Use Insulation Pads

There are multiple advantages of using insulation in your suspended ceiling, the most obvious advantage is the improvement of the temperature within your rooms, which also leads to a save in energy costs. Insulation pads particularly provide an easy installation process that is stress free and time effective, meaning that it doesn’t take a costly expert to install the bags as they are simply placed on top of your suspended ceiling tiles.

We also have our acoustic range that provide fantastic acoustic properties to help deaden the excess or rebounding noise within your rooms.

Cost Savings

By installing insulation above your suspended ceiling, you are creating a thermal barrier that will trap and contain heat. This reduces the need for continues heat to be passed into your room which ultimately is costing you money.

Also the simplicity of installation of these pads will significantly reduce the time in which it takes to install the installation. this is due to the pads being fully encapsulated meaning they are easy to handle and will simply sit on top of your ceiling tiles. As a result you will save the cost of an experienced tradesman installing these at a possibly hefty cost.

Save Money

Save money today by installing our insulation pads above your ceiling system and reduce the required heat within your rooms. This could save you thousands of pounds on your energy costs.

Save Time

The simplicity of our pads means that they are quick and easy to install, reducing the time for install.

Thermal Insulation

We have a great range of thermal insulation to choose from. From thin to thick we have a range suitable for any environment.

Acoustic Insulation

Our acoustic insulation pads are the perfect product to help reduce sound output from any room by simply placing them on top of your suspended ceiling.

Flame Retardant Insulation

Looking to meet fire regulations? Look no further than our flame retardant insulation pads. Encapsulated in a polythene bag with flame retardant additives to ensure flame resistant properties.