Insulation Pads

Types of Insulation Pads

Thermal Insulation

We have a great range of thermal insulation to choose from. From thin to thick we have a range suitable for any environment.


Our acoustic insulation pads are the perfect product to help reduce sound output from any room by simply placing them on top of your suspended ceiling.

Flame Retardant

Looking to meet fire regulations? Look no further than our flame retardant insulation pads. Encapsulated in a polythene bag with flame retardant additives to ensure flame resistant properties.

Thermal Pads



  • Glass Fibre Insulation
  • Polythene Encapsulated
  • Great For Thermal Properties

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Acoustic Pads


£ 2.49/each

  • Rock Mineral Fibre Insulation
  • Polythene Encapsulated
  • Great For Sound Reduction

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Flame Retardant Pads


£ 2.95/each

  • Rock Mineral Fibre Insulation
  • Flame Retardant Encapsulated
  • Great For Fire Rated Ceilings

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Energy Saving

By installing our thermal insulation bags, you're not only reducing the amount of escaping heat, but also reducing your heating costs.

Sound Reducing

Our pads are great for reducing excess sound inside rooms. Reducing both sound escaping and internal sound reflection.

Fire Safety

Our range of flame retardant pads will help to ensure the safety for both yourself and the public.