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Acoustic Insulation Pad Kit FAQs

Where should I install acoustic insulation pads?

Acoustic insulation pads are the natural choice in spaces where you want to reduce echo or the escape of noise. Cinemas and recording studios are perhaps the obvious examples of where you way wish to dampen sound or prevent its escape. Placing acoustic insulation pads above the suspended ceiling can certainly help do that as part of wider soundproofing work.

Yet the applications for acoustic pads are far wider than you might first think. Echo in a classroom can disrupt concentration and make it difficult for some children to hear. Sound transmission in offices can compromise privacy. In hotels, too much echo can create a cold, sterile atmosphere when what you want to create warmth and cosiness. And from factories to hospitals to gyms, reducing echo can help create more productive, more welcoming environments.

How do I install acoustic insulation pads?

Simply place a pad above each tile in your suspended ceiling. It’s quick and easy to do.

How many insulation pads do I need?

Assuming your tiles are 600mm x 600mm, just count the tiles – you’ll need one for each. Remember that if your ceiling includes ‘double size’ tiles of 1200mm x 600mm, you’ll need two packs per tile.

Know the dimensions of your room? Make ordering even easier with our acoustic insulation pad kits.

Thermal pads or acoustic pads – which is better?

The two are designed to do different jobs. A thermal insulation pad is primarily designed to retain heat and cut energy bills. An acoustic pad is primarily designed to trap sound. There is some overlap between the two (a thermal pad will offer some acoustic dampening; an acoustic pad will offer some thermal benefit) but each pad will be better at the job for which it was designed. So the question of which is better depends on your prime aim of installing the insulation.

What are the benefits of acoustic insulation pads?

  • Durable – insulation pads are odourless and rot proof
  • No mess – each pack is sealed, so there’s no messing with loose fibres.
  • Tailored to your ceiling cavity – packs range from 25mm to 100mm thickness, so you can choose the level of insulation appropriate to the available space.
  • Long lasting insulation – the polythene cover protects the fibres within from moisture and dust that can cause non-packed insulation to condense and lose its insulating properties
  • Lightweight – insulation pads won’t damage your ceiling.
  • Exceptional value

Why are my insulation pads flat?

Our insulation pads are compressed for shipping. On delivery, remove from packaging and allow 48-72 hours for them to return to their regular size.

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