Wafer Head Self Drilling Drywall Screws 4.2 x 12mm

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SKU: ISP-0179

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MF Ceiling Fixings

Product description

  • Product Number: ISP-0179

For a strong and easy fix, use these wafer head self drilling drywall screws. These are commonly used with MF Ceilings (Metal Framework) to connect components together.

Product details:

  • Qty: 1 box of 1000pcs
  • Size: 4.2 x 12mm
  • Bit: Phillips 2
  • Drill Point: Tek 2
  • Thread Form: Single
  • Coating: Electroplated Zinc
  • Shank Material: Carbon Steel
  • Material Grade: AISI C1022
  • Coating: Zinc
  • Fire Tested: Yes To EN-1364-1

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