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Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Loosing Heat Above Your Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling can make a big
difference to room temperature. That’s true for every room, but it’s especially
the case in rooms with high ceilings, where there’s lots of space for heat to
drift, leaving the air space warm and the area round your ankles freezing.


Just installing a drop ceiling can cut
waste and warm things up. But what if, even after your new ceiling is in place,
things remain a little chilly?


How Can Suspended Ceiling Insulation Help?

Stand outside in the cold wearing just
your shirt and you’ll be shivering pretty quickly. Add a jumper and you might
manage to feel warmer for longer. Add a thick coat and you could feel toasty
all day. It’s the same with a room. The more layers of insulation you give it,
the harder it is for heat to escape.

Our range of bagged ceiling insulation
pads sit directly above your suspended ceiling tiles and stop heat escaping from
your room. And with less heat lost, you’ll find yourself turning down the
thermostat, cutting the cost of your energy.


Over the course of a year or two, you
can usually find the insulation pads pay for themselves in terms of energy
saved. After that, those savings effectively come for free.

How Easy Are They To Install?

Insulation bags and pads are incredibly simple to install. Each pack is entirely self-contained, so there’s no itchy glass fibre to contend with, and no measuring, cutting or fiddly installation issues. Just remove a ceiling tile to access the ceiling void and place a pad on all the surrounding tiles. Then replace the tile and repeat until every tile has its own pad. You now have a fully insulated ceiling!


What Is The Difference In Thickness & Size?

We offer a range of thicknesses and sizes of insulation pads to accommodate different void widths in a ceiling, and to enhance thermal conductivity and heat retention. In our standard thermal range, our pads range from thicknesses of 100mm  – 300mm.


To be sure you’re ordering the right size pads, just lift a ceiling tile and measure the space between the tiles and the ceiling above. Then, order your insulation pads for less with us.

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